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Mrs. Jantzen's Class

 Welcome to 1MJ!  Please click on the link below to view our course outline:

Grade 1 Course outline


 Here are our classroom newsletters for September and October:

September Newsletter

October Newsletter


Mrs. Reimer's Class

Students are investigating objects and materials this month!  Using scissors, we took apart four objects - a purse, sneakers, teddy bear and snowsuit.  Students enjoyed discovered all the different materials it takes to make an object!  There was teamwork, as students helped each other cut tough materials, and students learned new vocabulary by asking each other what different materials are called.  They also discovered the shoes are stinky!  Fun was had by all!







Miss Hawley's Class

1SH has been outside observing signs of spring!  We have written poetry inspired by what we saw outside, as well as drawn watercolour pictures and sketched drawings of our discoveries.

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