Southwood School

Mrs. Suderman's Class

Welcome to Grade 2 in Mrs. Suderman's class!  Please click on the link below to see our course outline:

2CS Course Outline


Mrs. McIvor's Class



Owl Dissecting and Bone Display

We had a great time using Inquiry Based Learning with our owl pellets!  We learned about various types of owls and then we were able to pull apart pellets and find their prey's bones!

"So gross....but so cool!" - Aiden


Water Cycle

Our dioramas show the water cycle!  We used a variety of materials to make a 3D display and then present to our friends what the water cycle consists of.

water cycle 2

Ms. McLeod's Class

Welcome to Grade 2 with Ms. McLeod!  Please click on the link below to view our course outline:

Course Outline

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