Southwood School

Miss Wiebe's Class

In writing, 3AW were working on procedual, or how-to writing.  They made magic mud so that they could write out the directions for other students to follow!

IMG 2021



Mrs. Vanderwees and Miss Friesen's class

In our class we are learning how to do cursive handwriting.  With our names  we created creature totem poles.  Can you find the names of these artists?




Mrs. Rootsaert's Class

Ancient Societies Celebration

We have been learning about many kinds of ancient societies - Egypt, Mayan, Viking and Ancient China.  We wrote books about our civiliation and made dioramas showing our learning.  Then each group planned an activity to do with the class.  We played the board games Go (China) and Senet (Egypt) in the morning.  Then we cooked and enjoyed some Viking Flat Bread, Chinese noodles and tortillas (for Maya). 

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