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Welcome to Southwood

 Welcome back to school!  My name is Linda Dyck.  I am very excited to be back at Southwood.  I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Schanzenfeld community.  I hope that your summer was filled with fun, relaxation, and time spent with family and friends. We are very excited for the 2015-2016 school year.  Another year to grow and learn.


This year we are continuing our focus on literacy, numeracy, and learning together as a Professional Learning Community.  Last year the staff completed a writing continuum which will help to direct our teaching and assessment of students' writing.  Our goal is to give every student the opportunity to read and write to the best of their ability.  You can help us with this process by reading with your children every night.


Last year, more of our teachers were trained in Math Recovery.  Math Recovery is a training program designed to help teachers become better informed about early mathematics assessment and skill building.  This school year, the Division will be creating an action plan for Mathematics to help students increase their skills and confidence.


We will be focusing our learning team meetings on assessment and teaching of literacy skills.  As a staff, we will be studying Transforming our Teaching through Reading/Writing Connections by Regie Routman.  Last year we began the process of instructional Walk-Throughs.  This gave staff members time to observe the learning opportunities in different classrooms.  This next year, we will extend and develop this process by observing and discussing with others.


Throughout the year we will be purchasing more books to assist our students in their learning.  We appreciate all of the support that you give to us by reading with your children, support of PAC fundraisers and volunteering in classes.


We look forward to a wonderful year learning together!


Linda Dyck



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