Southwood School

Mrs. Shepherd's Class

Candy Houses 

We practiced architect skills in December.  We used cookies, candies, and frosting to engineer a candy home.  We experimented with joining different edible materials with icing.  We used the design process of analyzing, planning, designing, and reflecting. 

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Service Learning 

We joined Mrs. Suderman's Grade 1 and 2 class for a service learning project.  We went caroling down Hespeler.  Our classes brought some Christmas joy to our school nieghbours.  After the walk, students enjoyed some hot chocolate. 

Levi and Ben Jonah SmallLevi and Ben Jonah SmallLevi and Ben Jonah SmallLevi and Ben Jonah SmallLevi and Ben Jonah Small

Mrs. Patzer's Class

We explored watercolour painting techniques and a variety of picture books by Peter Reynolds in May.  The students created their own self-portraits inspired by, "Be You!"

Peter Reynolds Self Portraits Small

We began exploring the characteristics and needs of a variety of living things in May, including:  people, plants, and animals.  We learned some of the ways living things grow and change.  Mrs. Shepherd's class even let us borrow their chicks to help us with our learning.  We learned how to hold them safely and asked her class many questions about their experiences with raising chicks in their classroom.  The students in Mrs. Shepherd's class were the experts and helped answer our questions.

Visiting Chicks SmallVisiting Chicks Small

We raised and released Painted Lady Butterflies in our class in May!  We learned how to care for them during the caterpillar stage.  Then, they formed their chrysalises and we waited patiently for them to emerge as butterflies.  We read books about Painted Ladies, made observations, formed predictions, asked questions, and recorded our learning using writing, pictures, and labeling. We even had a picnic with the butterflies!

Painted Lady Release SmallPainted Lady Release Small


Mrs. Suderman's Class

Celebrating 100 days of school!

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Mr. Giesbrecht's Class

We are learning about the life cycle of animals.  We want to witness it in our classroom and have placed 12 chicken eggs in an incubator.  After shining a light through them on Day 1, we made predictions for each egg if it will hatch.  On Day 7, we will do it again to see if anything has changed inside the egg. 

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Mrs. Unrau's Class

Playing "Fox and Goose" in the fresh snow. 

IMG 6466 SmallIMG 6466 Small

Examining snowflakes.  How are they the same?  How are they different?

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