Southwood School

Joining the PAC

Joining the PAC is a GREAT way of being involved and participating in your child's school life!  Any parent or guardian of a  student at Southwood can join the PAC!  Parents can nominiate themselves as nominees or nominate other parents to be on the PAC.  Nominees should expect to meet as a group once a month after school during the school year.  The principal and PAC members are usually looking for candidates in the early Fall.  If you are nominating someone else as a candidate, keep in mind that candidates should be asked in advance if they would allow themselves to be nominated.  In mid-September, nominations are made at a public meeting in the gym on Meet the Teacher night.  No public speaking is required.  A vote is held, if there are more candidates than positions.  Sometimes candidates join the committee by acclamation (no vote required).

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