Southwood School

Roles of Committee Members

The PAC's main purpose is to promote effective communication between the home and the school through the support and involvement of parents in the education of their children. The PAC encourages meaningful parent participation in the classroom, fundraising and all other school activities.  They also act as an advisory group to the Principal, and accept additional duties as possible or needed when planning event or activities as the PAC.

Roles of Members:


-prepare and present the agenda at each meeting

-official spokesperson for the Southwood School PAC

-to take action or make sure others take action to achieve the missions and objectives of the Southwood PAC

Vice Chair:

-help ensure meetings stay focussed, positive and productive

-assume responsibilities of the Chairperson if the Chairperson is absent


-maintain financial records and prepare financial reports for PAC meetings

-with input from the PAC, draft the annual budget and tentative plan for spending.



-record, prepare and distribute minutes of all PAC meetings in a timely manner

-keep track of records and documents about PAC meetings in a binder and on a memory stick

-accept additional duties as required


Volunteer Coordinator:

-act as a liaison between the PAC, Southwood School and parent volunteers and delivery personnel

-coordinate and assign volunteer duties for the hot lunch program, and any other PAC activity where volunteers are involved

-leads the volunteer team on monthly Hot Lunch delivery days

Member/s At Large:

-attend meetings and provide input into agendas, decisions, plans and activities where possible

-liaison between community, parents and school staff



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