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Welcome back to school!  Another exciting year has begun!  Teachers have been preparing their lessons and arranging their linda Smallclassrooms to create an engaging learning environment for their students.  This year we will continue to work in our PLC teams; purposeful collaboration with colleagues plays a vital role in student achievement.  When there is trust and true collaboration between colleagues, wonderful transformations start to happen.  

We will continue to focus on Literacy, Numeracy, and Inquiry as our school goals this year.  As a staff, we work hard to create lessons and experiences that make learning for students fun and interactive.

We have also been busy creating an exciting play space for our students and the community.  We have a new play structure, log maze, log stepping path, walking path, and a sand pit.  Our next phase will include infant and wheelchair accessible swings, an outdoor musical instrument area and an outdoor classroom.

As well, two of our classes installed an outdoor library in June to promote reading.  Feel free to come visit our library to trade a book, take a book, or leave a book.  

And remember...

"Education opens up the mind, expands it and allows you to improve your life in so many ways."

Linda Dyck



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